Hot sea means fewer fish

• A new study by scientists at the University of Adelaide in Australia found that our oceans could lose stocks of commercial fish as rising sea temperatures affect their food source. The scientists showed how rising temperatures can reduce the vital flow of energy from the primary food producers at the bottom (for instance, algae), to intermediate consumers (herbivores), to predators at the top of food web. The study was reported in PloS Biology.

Machine learn

• A new type of neural network made with memristors (pic above ) can dramatically improve the efficiency of teaching machines to think like humans. The network, called a reservoir computing system, could predict words before they are said during conversation, and help predict future outcomes based on the present. The study was published in Nature Communications.

Mission Mars

• Nasa's InSight Mars mission aims to listen to the deep interior of Mars, which may offer clues about the planet's seismic activity. The project will be launched on May 5 and is expected to land on Mars in late November. The photo (above) shows a parachute being tested in a wind tunnel for the upcoming mission.

Source: Agencies


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