Juno upends Jupiter theory

• Juno, the Nasa spacecraft studying Jupiter, has found that the storm on that planet, called the Great Red Spot, descends at least 322km beneath the clouds and possibly much deeper. Its observations have upended scientists' notions of how a big ball of hydrogen ought to behave but they are yet to come to a new understanding of the largest planet in the solar system.

Swimming dino

• Palaeontologists studying an unusual fossil have identified a new dinosaur, the Halszkaraptor escuillei, a rare, semiaquatic relative of the velociraptor. Researchers believe it was able to swim, but don't yet know how. The turkey-sized creature's hodgepodge of features - so strange that extra work was needed to verify the authenticity of the fossil - suggest it might have lived on both land and in water.

Layered latte

• If you pour an espresso into heated milk - a good barista will always pour the milk into the espresso - the latte separates into layers of different densities. Researchers at Princeton University recently studied the layered latte and have now found the reason behind it. It is caused by a phenomenon called double-diffusive convection, which is also responsible for creating the layers of water in the ocean.

Source: NYTNS


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