Voyager-1, fired up again

If you tried to start a car that's been idle for deca-des, you might not expect the engine to respond. But a set of devices aboard the Voyager 1 - Nasa's fastest and farthest spacecraft - was made to fire after 40 years in a test. The test went so well that the team from Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US, is planning a similar test on Voyager 2, the twin spacecraft of Voyager 1, likely to go beyond the solar system next year.

Pterosaur park

Palaeontologists have uncovered more than 200 fossilised eggs belonging to the Pterosaurs, flying reptiles that soared during the age of dinosaurs. Found in China's Gobi Desert, this is the largest pterosaur egg collection ever discovered. The find could help understand the early lives of the birds that terrorised the skies.

Tortoise trauma

Flipping over is a perilous hazard for the giant tortoises of the Galápagos Islands. However, over the years these creatures have evolved to get back on their feet and survive, concluded a study published in Scientific Reports. Charles Darwin visited these islands in 1835, and his observation of various species - including the giant tortoises - later inspired his theory of evolution.



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