Crash course for space lab

The out-of-control Chinese space station Tianggong-1, or "Heavenly Place", is going to crash into Earth soon. After months of speculation, in 2016, officials confirmed they had lost control of the space station. Now the 8.5 tonne space lab is expected to break into pieces and get scattered across the Earth in late 2017, just like NASA's Skylab crash-landed in 1979.

Brain, up close

We already have the ability to scan images of the brain with impressive clarity. But such high-scale images zoom in in too far to recognize the forest for the trees. Now to aid a navigational view - similar to "satellite" and "street views" in Google Earth - scientists at Georgia Institute of Technology, the US, have devised a new X-ray scanning technology to help read our mind better.

Tinder tales

Dating websites have changed the way couples meet. Economists at the University of Essex, the UK, and the University of Vienna, Austria, have found that this change is breaking down society's racial divisions by encouraging more interracial marriages, especially in North America and Europe where online dating is prevalent. Also, such marriages seem to be stronger and long lasting, noted the study in arXiv.


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