Goka Gola is the only one

The Gods must be crazy. Or so it seems, does it not? So many things being done in the name of Gods, abominable things some of them, most thinking folks would agree, but not a word from God. You know the kind of things I refer to, I am not going to sully your Sunday morning with any mention of them. You know them things well, the kind of things that appear on page one of newspapers, almost as if they were trophy things, which they probably and shamefully are for some. You know, Dadri things and Alwar things, Latehar things and Ballabhgarh things and even Kathua things. Kathua things were done in the name of God and then the defence of the horrible Kathua things also began to happen in the name of God. And still there is no word from God, just as there is no word from Mahadeb, who is synonymous with the name of God and whose mention is eponymous with the name of God. Mahadeb is not God, of course; as mentioned many centuries ago somewhere close to this vertical space, just because something cannot be seen does not mean it has turned into God. One could have said that of governance in that case. Governance cannot be seen of late, like Mahadeb. That surely cannot mean governance has become God.

God's neither governance nor Mahadeb. But to say nothing to all that has been done in their name - and is being - the gods must be crazy. And all this time we believed it was only some movie which we bought tickets for and sat and watched in a darkened hall eating tan-tan bhaja. The Gods Must Be Crazy, in which a bottle of GokaGola drops from the heavens on the unsuspecting and all hell breaks loose. Even you believed The Gods Must Be Crazy to be just a movie someone made and you paid to watch real. GokaGola is dropping upon us all over. It has someplace been reported to be viscous in nature, someplace liquid, someplace something between the two. It issues from orifices deemed and proclaimed pure and cannot, therefore, be derided. Everywhere reports have arrived from, it is coming down in cataclysmic quantities.

Trouble is you cannot even complain too much about GokaGola because, as the name would suggest, it is a pious sort of thing and particularly favoured by the powers who take a grim view of those critical of GokaGola. They are recommending this putrescent pestilence as an all-cure; khaao, amar ho jaao. Mishappen people mislead. Aren't these the same ones who told you the CurrencyClap was a thing to applaud? GokaGola is not good for you; in fact it should come with a statutory warning: GokaGola is injurious to the Future.

But the bigger trouble is that GokaGola is coming down from above in such humongous quantities it might remind future generations, should such a thing at all survive this onslaught, of a repeat of Pompeii - a whole way of life submerged and suffocated to obliteration. Kaput. Even the advocates of GokaGola are now running for cover. There's only one place to go - under the ButVriksha, which we have been told on as good as authority can get these days, is an avatar of TheBossOfAllThings. And being TheBossOfAllThings, says his powerful NumberToo, he in the form of ButVriksha will save you from this gathering deluge. If you chant MoNaMoNaMoNaMoNaMoNa long enough the way to the ButVriksha may be revealed to you. (Psst, it is actually located in MoNa'sPark, but that's not for everybody to know.) For directions to the ButVriksha, apply in triplicate self-attested Niraadhaar copies. It won't be easy wading the GokaGola deluge and getting there. For, as we are also told by NumberToo, ominous creatures have ganged up and laid siege - there's SirPant, coiled up where it hurts most; there's Manhooose, in a never-before alliance with SirPant; there's Bitchooo of the bite of the scorpion; there's Cuteia of the female fang, ladies first please, thank you; there's Swaan, not the same as the winged bird that doesn't sing just before dying but so called because it is so called in classical Sanskrit - Swaan, of the male fang; there's also BillEye of the forbidding yellow eyes. And there's, of course, all about and around, GokaGola.

If you still haven't guessed
It comes from a cow
Wanna stay blessed?
Open your mouth and say Wow!


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