A rare gem in a crown of thorns

Heritage conservation in India is dotted with failures and sporadic successes. It is important to highlight the latter so that these stories of success, no matter how infrequent, can inspire meaningful interventions in the future.  HUMAYUN'S TOMB CONSERVATION (Aga Khan Trust for Culture in association with Mapin, Rs 1,295) — Ratish Nanda has written the text with the help of inputs from Rajpal Singh and Archana Saad Akhtar — examines in detail the only private conservation project at any of India's prominent ancient sites. The book is richly illustrated with drawings and photographs. But its appeal extends beyond the tasteful production. Nanda, a conservation architect, examines the philosophy, principles and methods that have been integral to the project, which also combines — seamlessly — the need to protect the past with the challenge of urban renewal.


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