IN GOOD SPIRIT: Over 150 YFLO members attended a motivational talk by Gaur Gopal Das at Taj Bengal on February 20 where the speaker dwelt on making the best of the curveballs that life throws at us. “The most important takeaway from the session was when he talked about changing everything we can change in life, accepting what is unchangeable but rising above what is unacceptable. It was a spirited and passionate event,” said YFLO Calcutta chairperson Shilpi Choudhary.

SWEET NOTE: We have long enjoyed their sweet treats but about 75 YFLO members got a taste of how Britannia cakes are made, with a tour of their factory on Diamond Harbour Road. The visitors got a glimpse of how fruit and sponge cakes were made as they witnessed the production process from scratch — from the cold-storage where ingredients like eggs, flour, butter and sugar are stored to the batter-making and the process of slicing the cakes before packaging. “We noticed how everything and everyone had to be clean and efficient to reduce error and wastage in the production process. We also got to sample some freshly-baked cake,” said Shilpi Choudhary.


What: Fashionera partnered by t2
Where: Ice Skating Rink
When: March 9 to 12, 11am to 8pm

Expect: A fashion and lifestyle exhibition dedicated to the festivals of Gangaur and Bengali New Year. About 60 stalls will showcase clothes, shoes, saris, jewellery and home decor items from various parts of the world.

Organiser speak: “My Fashionera partner Nirmala Goenka and I are very excited for this exhibition. We are expecting a massive footfall and people will have a great time,” said Manjushree Gupta of Fashionera.


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