Twisted desi cravings? Head to Desi Klub!

Chhaiya chhaiya playing in the background, water in cutting chai glasses and quirky interiors... you’re at Desi Klub, the new vegetarian food-stop in the city! After Mumbai and Chennai, this restaurant has now opened doors in Calcutta on Park Street. “We already have Spice Klub on the same floor, which is fairly expensive and a fine-dine.

Desi Klub is easy on the pocket with focus on finger food. We have tried to replicate the Mumbai food by getting ingredients from there. Also, we plan to add a bar soon,” said Anurag Basotia, owner of Spice Klub and Desi Klub in Calcutta. t2 checks out the desi place...

Text: Manasi Shah
Pictures: Shuvo Roychaudhury


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