Take a walk on Wok Street

Despite being a cosy 20-seater, the restaurant’s decor makes a strong impression. The vibrant colour scheme, the arched doorway and wall graffiti are modern with an energetic vibe.

What: Wolf of Wok Street
Where: 132D, Sarat Bose Road, opposite Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan
Timings: Noon to 11pm
Meal for two: Rs 600

With bright yellow walls and red chairs, the ambience is cheery and welcoming at Wolf of Wok Street, a new global cuisine eatery on Sarat Bose Road. Alongside classic Indian dishes, the menu draws on international favourites from China to Germany. 

The name of the restaurant is a pun on the film Wolf of Wall Street, which also reveals the story of the owner, Tanmoy Roy, who left banking to set up the eatery. “This is not just a business venture but a dream. We will soon be present at all major locations in Calcutta and also hope to spread to other cities like Hyderabad and Delhi,” said Roy.

Wok Street Seafood Special Soup

The delicate blend of squid, prawns, mango and ginger induces a flavour that will linger in your mouth. It is refreshing with just a hint of heat. Rs 160

Ginger Beer Battered Prawn

The crispy batter encases succulent prawns to create a fantastic juxtaposition of texture. Dip the pieces in sweet chilli sauce for a kick of flavour. A mixture of peas, mint and chilli accompanies the prawns alongside a mayonnaise sauce. Rs 375

Wok Street Style Pan-Fried Chilli Fish

While the crispy pan-fried fish and soft peppers are delicious, it is the home-made sauce that makes this plate exceptional. With a combination of herbs, garlic and chillies, this sauce is scrumptiously sweet and sticky. Rs 320

Chicken Schnitzel

Inspired by Austrian cuisine, this dish serves fried chicken coated in breadcrumbs, parsley and dried chilli flakes. The chef replaces the traditional accompaniment of chips with rice cooked with peas, served with sauteed vegetables such as broccoli and babycorn. Rs 300

Text: Natasha Livingstone
Pictures: B. Halder


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