t2 brings you the first look of the revamped Dalhousie Institute 

In its 150th year, the Dalhousie Institute is reinventing itself, drawing on its tradition but with its sights set on the future. First it became the only club in Calcutta to host three live music nights. Then it started a Monday Members night where members of other clubs could come to DI and hang out. Now it has revamped Indoor@DI and got a completely new look. Done in wood, the warm tones add style to the place without making it either too sleek or too ancient. The building has been dedicated to all 2,801 members of the club, with their names printed on the panel of the brand-new badminton court. The dining room, the family room, the library and the card room have also got a facelift with this multi-crore makeover, which took a year to complete. 

“My family have been members here for 50 years. Calcutta knows that DI has always had a truly unique cosmopolitan membership profile. Now, add that trait to this spanking new infrastructure. Result: it’s not hyperbole, DI is now one of Asia’s best,” said Derek O’Brien, the honorary secretary of DI. Indoor@DI opened on May 11, with an evening function.

The night-time view of Indoors@DI from the revamped parking lot.
Family@DI, the family room, is looking more youthful with wooden beams and panelling, ceiling-to-floor windows, comfy sofas and colourful ottomans. But what stands out is the bright graffiti done by local artists. The idea is to attract more young people to hang out there.
Dining@DI, the dining room, has more of the warm wooden finish. The floor-to-ceiling windows give a sense of space as does the chic furniture.
Indoor@DI, the hall which had the badminton court, is completely revamped with light-coloured wooden floors, wooden panelling and suffused lighting. A panel that runs around the whole hall has the names of all the 2,801 members of the club listed on it.
Books@DI, the library, is t2’s favourite spot in the new-look DI, with dark wood bookshelves, old school wooden chairs and beautiful ambient lighting. The perfect place to spend a hot summer afternoon.

Text: Chandreyee Chatterjee
Pictures: Pabitra Das


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