Straight talk with Sunita Menon

Sunita Menon

You might or might not believe in what she does, but once you connect with her, you do realise she is a bit of a life coach too. Astrologer and tarot card reader Sunita Menon, who was in town for a Ficci Ladies Organisation (FLO) Kolkata talk at Taj Bengal recently. “Life is beautiful. Just go with it. Go back to your childhood and think you are a little girl or boy and what made you happiest. The joy and abandonment with which you lived life, go back to that,” said Sunita, who described herself as “disciplined, open to learning, patient, sensitive, compassionate, private, idealist, romantic and a blessed child”.

She swears by yoga and meditation and divides her time between Mumbai and Dubai, where she runs a higher secondary school. “I just wanted to grow and do my own thing. I like young energy. I like to be questioned. As you get older, you think you know it all. Actually, you don’t. It’s the youngsters who will tell you what you don’t know,” said Sunita, who finds travelling “liberating” and has a passion for baking cakes. Her one tip for all the women reading this? “A woman is supposed to be superwoman. There are so many expectations from everyone. Where do you go when you just need to be normal, stupid or silly? Then you go inward,” she smiled. Any relationship advice? “Ask yourself why are you getting into this relationship. If you can be brutally honest with yourself and still go with it, stay with it. If you don’t get an honest answer, stay out of it,” she said.


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