Pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, pamper yourself. Do the things that you need to do for yourself, but most likely don’t.

Get yourself a good blow dryer. Get a high-wattage one. It means it will work faster and expose your hair to more wind and less heat. A good store will have advice on what is best for your hair type: thick hair, frizzy hair, long hair. It will recommend the dryer with the right weight and material.

You always did with a quick blush and an eye-shadow, remaining intrigued by the elaborate set of make-up brushes. Get yourself one now. A good set will come with a powder brush, a blush brush, a flat make-up brush, a fluff brush, a chisel fluff brush, a pointed brush, an angle liner brush, and a bent liner brush. Figure out what to do with all of them. Look your best.

Get yourself a good body scrub. A body scrub is workout for the skin. It will clear out dead cells and reveal the glowing skin underneath. You can try The Body Shop or Forest Essentials products.

Book yourself the body massage that you have long wanted at your favourite spa. Do not compromise. Go for the one that you want.

Head to the store where waits the pair of long earrings that you have coveted for long. Get them.

Now head home, or wherever, to spend time with your loved one. Or, just with yourself.

For you are also a person who needs attention, care and love -- from you. When is the last time that happened?

Do it this V-Day. Or any day. Every day. Apart from other things, love makes you glow.


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