Mishti moments from acropolis mall, with t2

Ten-year-old Krishank Banerjee could not stop digging into the mishti doi from Nepal Sweets. “He loves baked rosogolla and his favourite mishti is doi,” said his mother Kasturi Banerjee. 
Chang Jung Chen, a Taiwanese national, was visiting the festival with her husband. “Since I have married an Indian, I am used to Indian food. I always get a sugar rush after having sweets but can’t stop eating them,” said Chang, a writer. 
Friends Swagat Ghosal and Anandi Chakraborty didn’t know about the festival till they dropped in at the mall. “The sight of the mishtis is irresistible. I don’t know about her, but nolen gur-er rosogolla is my absolute favourite,” said Swagat, an engineering student of Jadavpur University, who shared Baked Sandesh from Sree Krishna Sweets.
Tania Bhaduri came to Acropolis for shopping but got drawn to the mishti festival. “I love rosomalai. So I have got them packed for home from Sree Krishna Sweets along with Baked Rosogolla and Baked Chomchom,” said the young IT professional. 

Calcuttans made the most of the Republic Day extended weekend at Mishti Masti, in association with t2, at Acropolis mall. The mishti festival from January 22 to 28 had a lot to offer. From traditional sandesh-rosogolla and nolen gur delicacies to innovative chocolate mishtis and flavoured patishaptas — the spread on offer was enough to make it a six-day sweet celebration.



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