Campus buzz

App to the rescue

Researchers at the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham's Amritapuri campus in Kollam district in Kerala have come up with a disaster management app that can pinpoint a stranded person's location - using GPS data - as well as route requests for medical aid or food to the appropriate authorities. The app has already located, helped rescue and otherwise provided relief to more than 12,000 people affected by the recent Kerala floods. The app was used in tandem with the "Amrita Help Line" set up by students and faculty volunteers at the university's Amritapuri campus.

AmritaKripa, the multilingual (English and Malayalam for now), user-friendly mobile and Web app - available for free in Playstore - can be very effective for the timely management of rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts after any disaster. The app was developed keeping in mind the needs of various end-users, including disaster survivors, relief providers, relief camp coordinators, rescue teams and administrators. Once registered, app users can select options such as "rescue me now", "request medical", "request supplies" and "offer supplies".

Triwizard chess

IIT Roorkee recently hosted a Triwizard Chess tournament, which is chess played by three people together. The three-player board and game was developed by alumnus Aditya Nigam. Only the board is different, the game follows all the rules of chess and even has the same pieces, just an extra set in grey. White plays first, followed by grey and black. The Triwizard Chess set is available on Amazon.


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