Threat to beat up teacher, on video

Calcutta: A video clip that emerged on Monday shows a suspected Trinamul Congress student leader repeatedly saying " mar, mar" and raising his right hand as if ready to strike as he stands menacingly close to a Calcutta University teacher.

Associate professor of chemical engineering Bhaskar Chandra Das had lodged an FIR at Amherst Street police station on Thursday alleging that Trinamul Chhatra Parishad leader Gourab Mitra Mustafi slapped him on February 6.

The video clip, Das said on Monday, was from February 6. "The same student who had slapped me is the one who repeatedly urges his friends to hit me in the clip," he said.

The one-minute-39-second footage is part of the "two-hour-long harassment that I faced", Das added.

The video shows only Das, who does not utter a word as he is abused, the keyboard on his table swatted away and some other object smashed.

His two tormentors, whose hands are only visible, repeatedly demand that the teacher "say sorry".

At the start, a voice from Das's left says: " Marbo na baire, khunje pabenna (will thrash you outside and you will not be found)."

The general secretary of the Trinamul-controlled Calcutta University students' union, Lagnajita Chakraborty, said: "Mustafi is no longer part of the union. So, we won't be able to comment on his actions."

However, Rajabazar Science College insiders said Mustafi, a postgraduate in biophysics and formerly the party's minder on the campus, still calls the shots. Since the FIR, Mustafi has surrendered in court and obtained bail. He could not be reached for comment.

Neither education minister Partha Chatterjee nor the Trinamul students' union state president, Jaya Dutta, could be reached for comment.


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