Rules for research in management

New Delhi: Assistant professors will no longer be able to guide research scholars in Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) while a professor will be able to pilot a maximum of four research scholars and an associate professor two, according to newly issued norms of the technical education regulator.

The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has for the first time issued norms for institutions offering PGDM.

The AICTE restrictions will apply to fellowship in management, which is equivalent to the PhD courses offered by other universities.

"Each professor and associate professor shall not guide more than FOUR and TWO research scholars respectively at a time," the AICTE said through a corrigendum to its Approval Process Handbook 2018-19.

AICTE chairman Anil Sahashrabudhe said the norms were only applicable to the fellowship in management offered by PGDM institutions. Such institutions have been set up as societies and trusts not through an Act of Parliament or state legislatures, so they do not offer PhD and MBA degrees.

The IIMs offer PGDM and fellowship, but do not have restrictions on guiding students. The IITs too don't have any such bar and allow their faculty to guide as many research scholars as they want.

The University Grants Commission has prescribed norms for PhD guidance by teachers in non-technical universities. The UGC allows eight research scholars per professor, six scholars per associate professor and four research scholars per assistant professor.

Earlier, the AICTE did not have any restriction on the number of research scholars. The research rule of the affiliating university used to be followed for the fellowship.

"We have introduced these norms to ensure quality research. Assistant professors will not be able to guide since he or she needs some experience in academics before guiding research scholars," Sahashrabudhe said.

He justified the different norms saying the fellowship was not the same as PhD though it is treated to be an equivalent.


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