Rahul's reply: Stand with last man in line

Rahul Gandhi. Picture by Prem Singh

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi has responded to the question the BJP and its ministers are asking again and again and again: did he call the Congress a "Muslim party"?

"I stand with the last person in the line. The exploited, marginalised and the persecuted. Their religion, caste or beliefs matter little to me. I seek out those in pain and embrace them. I erase hatred and fear. I love all living beings. I am the Congress," Rahul tweeted on Tuesday.

The Congress president also signalled once again that he was ready to swim against the tide by writing to Shah Faesal, the IAS officer against whom the Jammu and Kashmir government has ordered a probe on the Centre's directions.

"I am writing to you in solidarity against the J&K government's decision to initiate an enquiry for expressing your opinion on the rising incidents of rapes in India. Our founders envisioned freedom of expression to be a fundamental right for every citizen. This freedom not only allows a nation to introspect on pressing social problems but also helps us find ways to address them," he wrote. He added: "I feel it is extremely troubling that the government has singled you out for voicing opinions.... We stand by you in letter and spirit."

The 2010-batch IAS topper had tweeted: "Population+patriarchy+illiteracy+alcohol+porn+technology+anarchy = rapistan."


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