Proud Sonia in ethical thrust

New Delhi: Sonia Gandhi, who served a record 19 years as Congress president, on Saturday seemed to imply that Rahul Gandhi was better prepared to lead the party than either of his parents was.

She alluded to how Rajiv Gandhi had been an accidental party chief, forced to shoulder the responsibility because of mother Indira Gandhi's assassination, and how she had herself reluctantly joined politics under traumatic circumstances.

In contrast, she highlighted that "the tragedy of violence" Rahul had faced since childhood and the personal attacks he had suffered as an adult had "made him strong".

"I'm proud of his endurance and firmness and I'm confident he will lead the party with a pure heart, patience and devotion," she told Congress politicians and workers after handing over charge to her son.

Rahul has indeed had a long apprenticeship, learning the ropes through the decade-long UPA rule and going through the grind under a hostile Narendra Modi government.

"As all of you go forward on your new path, I will be there to rejoice in your achievements. May this path be lit with the wisdom, high principles and great traditions of our forebears," Sonia added, implicitly nudging Rahul to practise ethical politics.


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