Pollution rule flout count: 604 in 3 days

New Delhi: A campaign by the Union environment ministry and the Delhi government to enforce rules to curb air pollution and generate lessons for other cities has documented 604 violations in its first three days, officials said on Monday.

Joint teams of the environment ministry, the state and municipal officials who have been combing Delhi since the launch of the two-week campaign on Saturday have issued 186 challans at various sites for violations, the environment ministry said.

The largest set of violations thus far relate to inadequate measures to prevent the release of dust from construction and demolition activities into the atmosphere, the ministry said. (See chart)

Seventy teams of officials have been tasked to move across the city during the February 10 to 23 campaign to test the rigour through which authorities implement various regulations to curb air pollution.

Senior environment ministry officials had said last week that a campaign control room would monitor daily progress and document outcomes that would be shared with other states for implementation in cities with poor air quality.

The campaign is also relying on telephone and WhatsApp alerts sent by members of the public about sources of air pollution, the ministry said.

Since the campaign began, the vigilance teams have detected 48 cases of open burning of garbage.


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