Paragraph BJP forgot

New Delhi: The BJP has been citing the Supreme Court order of 2012 that cancelled 122 telecom licences to downplay Thursday's blanket acquittals and defend the way it milked the 2G scandal.

But the last paragraph of the Supreme Court judgment, delivered by Justices Asok Kumar Ganguly and G.S. Singhvi on February 2, 2012, emphasised that the top court's verdict should have no bearing on the special CBI court trying the then accused.

"However, it is made clear that the observations made in this judgment shall not, in any manner, affect the pending investigation by the CBI, Directorate of Enforcement and other agencies or cause prejudice to those who are facing prosecution in the cases registered by the CBI or who may face prosecution on the basis of chargesheet(s) which may be filed by the CBI in future and the special judge, CBI, shall decide the matter uninfluenced by this judgment," the Supreme Court had said.

On Thursday, soon after the verdict, finance minister and legal eagle Arun Jaitley had said: "Some Congress leaders are celebrating this verdict as a badge of honour.... They should remember that the Supreme Court in February 2012 had held that this was a corrupt and dishonest policy. Each and every case of the spectrum allocation was quashed by the Supreme Court as unfair and arbitrary."

On Friday, Rahul Gandhi described the "fake" 2G scandal as "possibly the biggest instrument used against our government".


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