No outside intervention needed: Judge

Justice Kurian Joseph

Kochi: Justice Kurian Joseph, one of the four senior Supreme Court judges who revolted against the chief justice on Friday over "selective" case allocation, said on Saturday that there was no need for outside intervention to resolve the issue.

Justice Joseph expressed confidence that the issue raised by the quartet would be settled, if it has already not been settled.

"An issue was raised. Those concerned have listened to it. Such actions would not occur in future. So (I) believe that the issue has been settled," he told reporters here.

"There is no need for outside intervention to solve the matter because it is a matter (that) occurred within an institution. Necessary steps would be taken by the institution itself to sort it out."

Justice Joseph said the aggrieved judges had not taken their complaints to the President as the head of state has no constitutional responsibility over the Supreme Court or its judges.

He said there had been no constitutional lapse on the part of the Chief Justice of India, but he needed to follow convention, practice and procedure while carrying out his responsibilities.

"We just brought that matter to his attention," Justice Joseph said at Kakkanad near Kochi, Kerala.

Justice Joseph said the four judges had acted solely in the interests of the judiciary and justice. "As some of you suggested, it was a step for correction. The issue will end with the correction," he said.

Justice Joseph had earlier rejected suggestions that the four judges had violated discipline. He had hoped their action would bring more transparency into the administration of the apex court.

"(We) stood up for justice and judiciary.... That is what we said there (in New Delhi) yesterday. Nothing beyond that," Justice Joseph said in Malayalam when TV channels approached him at his ancestral home in Kalady, Kochi.

"An issue has come to attention. It will certainly be solved since it has come to attention."

Justice Joseph said the judges had acted only to "enhance the trust of the people in the judiciary". 


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