Loudmouths in SC too

New Delhi: Raising your voice shows your incompetence and incapability, the Supreme Court has said, expressing anguish at senior lawyers for "atrocious" arguments and suggesting that such behaviour warranted a return to law school.

"A small group (of lawyers) must understand absolutely that raising the voice will not be tolerated. You argue constitutional principles. Raising your voice shows your incompetence and incapability," Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra said on Thursday.

Without referring to any individual, Justice Misra said that in the past two days, there had been "atrocious" arguments that could not be tolerated.

"They contradict each other in open court; whether the court will accept or not is a different issue. This is not the tradition of the Bar. If the Bar does not regulate itself, we will be compelled to regulate them. Let senior counsel understand this, otherwise, they may have to go back to law schools," Justice Misra, heading a five-judge constitution bench looking into a Parsi case, said.

The court had witnessed heated arguments in the past two days in the Ayodhya case and another one on the powers of the lieutenant-governor of Delhi.

At one point while hearing the Delhi case, the court had refused to hear a lawyer who had drawn some inferences and asked him to submit written notes. The senior advocate had refused to do so.

"The arguments made yesterday (Wednesday) in a case were atrocious," Justice Misra said, referring to the Delhi case.

"And the arguments made the day before (in the Ayodhya case) were even more atrocious. And when we wanted to record their submissions, the lawyers objected. I showed my grace by exempting it."#


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