Inside job on notes hot off the press

New Delhi: The CISF on Friday held a deputy control officer on the charge of stealing two bundles of freshly minted Rs 200 notes from the currency printing press in Madhya Pradesh where he works by concealing them in his shoes.

Sources said Manohar Verma, 45, took advantage of the fact that officers are usually not asked to remove their shoes during checking while leaving the high-security Bank Note Press in Devas. Verma works in the currency note verification section.

Raids that followed at the house and office of the state-cadre officer have revealed crisp currency notes with a face value of over Rs 90.59 lakh so far.

Around 8am, CISF personnel noticed Verma discreetly keeping something in an empty wooden box.

Verma was searched on his way out and two bundles of Rs 200 currency notes were found in his shoes.


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