Hadiya dad review plan

Bangalore: Hadiya's father has said he would file a review petition against Thursday's Supreme Court verdict setting aside a Kerala High Court order annulling his daughter's marriage to a Muslim man, but an academic hailed the latest judgment as "good news (on) Women's Day".

"We are planning to file a review petition," Asokan told reporters at his home in Vaikkom, Kerala, and sought solace in the court having "only annulled the marriage, not the investigation".

"Perhaps the court did not stop the investigation as it may have had doubts about (husband) Shafin Jahan's antecedents," Asokan said.

He refused to comment on the verdict but said: "Any father would feel the pain when his daughter is married off with an extremist, and that pain cannot be explained."

K.M. Seethi, social commentator and director of the school of international relations and politics at the Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam, Asokan's home district, lauded Thursday's verdict as "good news (on) Women's Day". He, however, expressed concern at the National Investigation Agency being allowed to continue its investigations.

"Surely, communal mobilisation gets a setback," Seethi wrote on Facebook. "Yet, the SC nod for NIA investigation is mysterious! And it is likely to be used for further 'threat' generation."

A radical Hindu group that has been campaigning against "love jihad" and "forced conversions" said it would not question the judiciary.

"It's time for a nationwide discussion on how to check such sham marriages that have more to do with converting girls from the Hindu community than marriage itself," K.P. Sasikala, president of the Hindu Aikyavedi, said.


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