Gabbar? Stupid thought

New Delhi: Narendra Modi has termed Rahul Gandhi's demand for a uniform goods and services tax rate as a "Grand Stupid Thought", seeking to settle scores in the acronym arena once owned by Team Modi.

Rahul had called the hastily introduced version of the GST "Gabbar Singh Tax", one of the first barbs that lent him traction on social media, and Modi's response suggests the coinage had hit him where it hurt.

The Prime Minister made the reference in Gujarat's Morbi, a trader-dominated town and a BJP stronghold that is said to have turned restive after demonetisation, the implementation of GST and water shortage that has fuelled agrarian distress.

Modi said Rahul was propagating a "Grand Stupid Thought" by telling the people that the Congress would slash GST rates to a flat 18 per cent. "This means 18 per cent tax on salt and 18 per cent tax on luxury cars costing Rs 5 crore," Modi added.


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