First child test inconclusive

Calcutta: The first medical and forensic examination report from SSKM Hospital on the child allegedly sexually assaulted at GD Birla Centre for Education has remained inconclusive, sources have told The Telegraph.

The medical examination was done on Friday afternoon and the alleged assault took place on Thursday afternoon.

Since the findings of Friday's tests were inconclusive, the child was again examined at SSKM on Wednesday. The outcome of the new examination is awaited.

Legal and police sources cautioned that the inconclusive nature of the first report alone need not affect the case as the child had given police a video-recorded account with specific details. A court has granted permission to the police to record her statement before a magistrate on Thursday, which will have evidentiary value.

Usually, the account of the victim takes precedence over medical reports because an examination need not find traces of all forms of sexual assault. Neither does the purported absence of conclusive medical proof minimise the gravity if the child was taken to a secluded place and touched inappropriately.

Two teachers were arrested but they had not admitted any wrongdoing till Wednesday evening.

According to a source, the first medical and forensic report says "no evidence of any sign of injury was noted over the body.... Comment cannot be made regarding physical sexual assault over the child".

The report said the girl was "anxious" and it mentioned "minor abrasion and bruise", the source said. No active bleeding was found, it added.

As the case is extremely sensitive and a child is involved, the government is not taking any chances, which is why another round of medico-legal test was conducted on Wednesday.

The child's class teacher, a woman attendant, a male security guard and a school sweeper were questioned by the police on Wednesday.


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