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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Delhi may PAY Good Samaritans who take accident victims to hospital

First published on 15-Nov-2017

Hyderabad, Nov. 15 (Agencies): The Delhi government will soon launch a scheme providing an incentive of Rs 2,000 to those who take accident victims to the nearest hospital, Health Minister Satyendra Jain said on Wednesday.

The government expects its Good Samaritan scheme to ensure that more victims reach hospitals in the so-called golden hour, or 60 minutes immediately after an accident during which most victims can be saved with life support.

”The government has decided that if there is an accident on Delhi roads and anyone takes the patient to a nearby hospital - government or private - we will give Rs 2,000 incentive to the person who takes the patient to the hospital,” Jain said.

According to Delhi Traffic Police, there were 7375 accidents in 2016 in which 1591 people died and 7154 were injured. 

In March last year, the Supreme Court had put its stamp on government guidelines to protect Good Samaritans, but bystanders often avoid taking accident victims to hospital because they do not want to be drawn into police proceedings.

The guidelines followed a Supreme Court judgment on a petition filed by a non-government organization, Save Life Foundation.

In January this year, the Aam Aadmi Party government approved the 'Good Samaritan' scheme. The party came up with the idea after a road accident victim in west Delhi's Subhash Nagar bled to death on the road because no one helped him.

”We are going to launch this 'Good Samaritan' scheme very soon...within a month,” Jain said while addressing the second edition of the 'MeltingPot 2020 Innovation Summit 2017' here.

”If there is an accident in Delhi, the patient is taken to the hospital earlier (faster) than New York and after this (after introduction of this) scheme you will see further reduction in time. The government will also bear the treatment costs of the patient,” Jain said.

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