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BJP for joint raid with US

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  • Published 29.12.08

Mumbai, Dec. 29: BJP president Rajnath Singh today urged the Prime Minister to lay the ground for “joint military action” with the US against terror outfits operating out of Pakistan, taking care to add that war should be the “last option”.

But the BJP chief, whose party has been appearing muted in the face of sustained rhetoric from the Congress and the Centre on Pakistan, criticised the UPA government for speaking in two voices and diluting the national agenda against terrorism.

“While the foreign minister says ‘all options are open’, the Prime Minister says ‘war is not an option’,” Rajnath said.

He assured the government of “whole-hearted support” from the BJP in its efforts to dismantle the terror infrastructure in Pakistan. “But the government needs to match its rhetoric with action,” Rajnath added.

The BJP chief said the joint action should be carried out under the supervision of the UN Security Council and asked the Centre to move the International Court for War Crimes in The Hague against the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks.

“India should use its diplomatic channels with the US to stop all financial assista- nce to Pakistan and work jointly on imposing economic sanctions against it,” the BJP chief said, terming Washington New Delhi’s new “strategic partner” after the nuclear deal.

Addressing a news conference, Rajnath said India should withdraw itself from the joint terror mechanism with Islamabad and snap bilateral economic ties to voice its strong protest against the Mumbai attacks.

“Pakistan has become a sanctuary for jihadi mercenaries and a cradle of global terrorism. It would be naive to expect Pakistan to launch a crackdown on terrorists operating from its soil. It is, therefore, necessary for India to fight its own battle,” the BJP chief said.

Terming the November 26 attacks an “open war against India”, Rajnath said India should approach the international court to try the masterminds and handlers of organisations like the Lashkar-e-Toiba, Jamaat-ud-Dawa and the ISI.

The BJP said India should also convince Washington to stop financial assistance to Islamabad.