Assam rush to vet citizen register

People show their acknowledgement receipts after checking their names in the draft NRC in Guwahati on Monday. PTI picture

Guwahati: Tens of thousands of people in Assam either flocked to service centres or went online on New Year's Day to check if their names had made it to the first draft of the National Register of Citizens.

The register, which contains the names of Indian citizens, is being updated only in Assam. Those who can prove they were residing in Assam before March 24, 1971, will be included in the list as part of an agreement between the Centre and the All Assam Students' Union in 1985 to detect and deport foreigners in the state.

The first draft contains the names of 1.9 crore applicants out of a total of 3.29 crore in the state. The process is continuing and those left out of the drafts can file claims or objections.

A tribunal can be approached but they will be treated as "doubtful voters" till the case is wrapped up. Challenges can be made before the high court and the Supreme Court. In the absence of a favourable ruling after all legal options are exhausted, a person can be kept in detention camps before the deportation process starts.


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