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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Yuletide feasts

Chefs at five-star hotels are going the whole hog to make your Christmas brunch, lunch or dinner a memorable one. Not only are they serving up the traditional dishes like turkey, plum cakes and yule logs, but they are also putting their own signat......   | Read..

Solo sojourns

Solo travel can be the ultimate in self-indulgence. You can sleep in when you want or set out on daring escapades when you’re feeling ambitious. ...   | Read..

Going glam

The party season just got underway so how about looking your prettiest as you live it up? Whether you’re looking for a great moisturiser to enhance your winter skincare regimen or a mask that......   | Read..

A lavish check-in

Calcutta has added a brand new luxury address to its portfolio of five-star hotels. With its unmistakable presence on EM Bypass (its colossal glass architectural structure stands out), the JW Marri......   | Read..

A sweet high

Some memories don’t fade easily. I remember an evening, many years ago. Two of our close friends had come home for the first time after they were married. ...   | Read..

Footloose in Florida

Dear old Fidel has finally stubbed out his cigar and, like a wisp of smoke from the same, has ascended heavenwards or elsewhere, as some would argue or, perhaps, even hope....   | Read..

Raising the bar

There’s no denying Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops have for long been the benchmark for premium laptop design, but, of late, slim and powerful Windows laptops with high-resolution......   | Read..

A stitch in time

A decade ago, when I was only a year old into the profession, a Belgian woman, Danielle Almeida, who lived in Portugal, travelled halfway across the world to meet me. She’d seen my work and w......   | Read..
Yuletide feasts