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Sunday, December 17, 2017

First published on 24-Oct-2015

The idol of an 82-year-old Durga Puja at Kanchannagar, Burdwan town, is made every 12 years with silt from the Ganga.

The puja was started by jeweller Haripada Pal in 1933 and is now organised by his descendants.

The idol is worshipped for 12 years and immersed. A new idol is then made.

The family priest, Krishnachandra Vidyabhusan, said: "The practice of worshipping the same idol for 12 years started because Haripada used to save money for that period to buy new clothes for the poor. Haripada gave new clothes to the poor every 12 years. He also used to immerse the idol every 12 years and get new ones done with silt from the Ganga."

The current idol was made seven years ago.

Reporting by Indranil Sarkar

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