Crackdown on road-hog cattle

Stray cattle on Sakchi Boulevard Road on Monday. Picture by Bhola Prasad

The steel city will now deal with the moo menace with an iron hand.

On Monday, East Singhbhum district administration held its maiden meeting for strict enforcement of Jharkhand Bovine Animal Prohibition of Slaughter Act, 2005, and gave instructions to local urban bodies - Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee in non-Tata lease areas, Jusco in Tata lease areas and Mango Notified Area Committee in Mango and Jugsalai and officers of 11 blocks in the district - to start removing stray cattle from roads, which cause hindrance in traffic, increasing chances of mishaps.

East Singhbhum deputy commissioner Amitabh Kaushal, who chaired the two-hour meeting at the district collectorate, said the urban bodies would have to transport the stray cattle found loitering on the roads to Tatanagar Gaushala in Jugsalai.

"They have been asked to depute personnel and vehicles for recovery of stray cattle from roads, illegal sale points and slaughter houses and transport them to Tatanagar Gaushala. If the owners turn up to claim the cattle, they would have to submit an affidavit against violation of the 2005 Act and also pay the transport cost," the deputy commissioner said.

He added that the district administration would write to the state government for allocation of requisite funds for upkeep of stray cattle, which will be reimbursed to the management Tatanagar Gaushala.

District animal husbandry officer Jitender Kumar Sinha has been asked to prepare a survey on the count of cattle lodged at the gaushala so that the administration can seek funds from the government.

"Cows and buffaloes are almost everywhere, loitering at a leisurely pace, munching on garbage or resting right in the middle of a busy stretch, oblivious of passing traffic or harrowed pedestrians. On many occasions, they go after commuters, scaring them away. At night, they increase risks of mishaps. The administration's decision is certainly laudable," said Shiv Pujan Singh, president of Singhbhum Kendriya Varishta Nagarik Mancha, an outfit of elderly citizens of Jamshedpur.<>The district brass has asked Tatanagar Gaushala to immediately inform additional district magistrate (law and order) B.K. Munda about any problem in upkeep of cattle.


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