WWF hands over two boats

Guwahati, Aug. 18: WWF India today distributed two mechanised boats to cattle herders and reformed poachers who help keep vigil on the fringe areas of Kaziranga National Park.

The group of cattle herders stay in Bhakta sapori under Numaligarh beat of Golaghat forest range and keep vigil in the same area.

"We have been trying to motivate the community living on the fringe areas of the park to get involved in animal conservation and many have volunteered to keep an eye on poachers in these areas," said Uttam Saikia, honorary wildlife warden, Kaziranga.

"We distributed one mechanised boat to a group of cattle herders in Bhakta sapori, which will help it in transportation too since the group members earn their livelihood by selling milk at Bokakhat town," said Pranab Jyoti Borah, senior co-ordinator of WWF India.

"The Rhino Jagaran Mancha is a group of former poachers and are now engaged in animal conservation also received a boat. The mechanised boat will help them move around the park during floods as well as in case of an emergency."


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