An actor by accident

Kamakshya Chakraborty at his residence. Picture by Gopal Senapati

Kamakshya Chakraborty had never imagined that he would see himself on screen someday. A simple man with a job in the Railways, Chakraborty had no experience of acting. His fortunes changed after he met veteran actor and director, Sukhen Das, through a friend. 

“I acted in a film for the first time in 2003 when Sukhenda, forcefully cast me in a supporting role in his film Biswasghatak. I played the role of a professor in the film. The other members of the cast were Subhendu Chatterjee, Tapas Pal, Soumitra Chatterjee, Jisshu Sengupta among others,” said Chakraborty. Although the film released in 2005, it did not do too well. However, luck was on Chakraborty’s side and he managed to bag other roles in films after that. 

Dulal Bhowmick, another Tollywood director, cast Kamakshya in his film Amar Ma er Sapath (2003). “I had never taken acting seriously, because I had a regular job to keep. Most of my inspiration came from Subhendu Chatterjee, while shooting for Biswasghatak. He told me that even though I have a job, I should try to do films, since I have the opportunity. He had given me his own example, that, despite being a doctor, he loved acting in films,” said Kamakshya.

The actor has just completed shooting for Sadhana, a film based on the Uttarakhand disaster. The film is directed by Haradhan Das. Kamakshya has an important role in the film. “I am playing the role of a purohit at the Madhyamaheswar temple in Kedarnath, who dies in the end,” said Kamakshya. Shooting of the film is complete and it is due to be released some time before Durga Puja. Since 2003, Kamakshya has done a number of roles, but the ones that were significant were that of a police officer in Dulal Bhowmick’s Love Circus (2011) and of a Muslim kazi in Haradhan Das’s Manjid (2014), based on the Babri Masjid riots. 

Apart from films, Kamakshya has also worked in some telefilms in different TV channels. He, however, cannot do TV serials at present, because of his job. “When I go for shootings, I usually take leave from work. But the shooting schedules for TV serials are too hectic and they continue for three to four months at a stretch and I cannot take so much leave,” said Chakraborty. 

However, he has plans of joining serials after retirement. “I will be free and will have more time to consider this profession as an option at that time,” said Chakraborty. 

While acting, Kamakshya also takes lessons at an acting school in Calcutta once a week. “Senior directors like Deb Sinha teach at the school and I attend the classes to learn and improve my acting skills,” said Chakraborty. 

Dalia Mukherjee


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