Student slaps

Krishnagar, July 22: A Class X student allegedly slapped the assistant headmaster of his school in Nadia twice yesterday following an altercation over the unit test report card.

Although assistant headmaster Supratip Roy said he would speak to the accused student and make him understand his mistake, students of Anjangarh High School boycotted classes yesterday and today, demanding punishment for Somnath Santra.

Santra allegedly slapped Roy when the assistant headmaster refused to hand over the report card to the student's elder brother. According to school rules, either one or both parents have to collect the report card.

Other students rescued Roy and caught hold of Santra. The student was allowed to go after the assistant headmaster pardoned him.

Roy said: "I will talk to Somnath and try to make him understand that such behaviour is not expected of a student. He is like my son and I hope he will understand. Punishment cannot always be a remedy for such actions. Somnath barely managed to pass in the unit tests and he is irregular in class."


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