Dr Seuss' new book found in a box

The cover of Dr Seuss' new book, What Pet Should I Get?

July 22: After Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr Seuss, died in 1991, his widow, Audrey Geisel, decided to renovate their hilltop house in La Jolla, California.

She and an assistant cleared out his office, donating most of his valuable illustrations and early drafts to the University of California, San Diego, and stashing some abandoned sketches in a box.

It wasn't until October 2013, when they decided to have the rest of his notes and sketches appraised, that they closely examined the contents of that box. They found a set of brightly coloured alphabet flash cards, some rough sketches with whimsical drawings that he had been unable to find a place for in his stories.

But alongside the orphaned sketches was a more complete project labelled "The Pet Shop", 16 black-and-white illustrations, with text that he had typed on paper and taped to the drawings. The pages were stained and yellowed, but the story was all there.

Through painstaking work and a meticulous, almost forensic reconstruction of Geisel's creative process, those abandoned pages have yielded an unexpected new Dr Seuss book, now called What Pet Should I Get?



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