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For the last two months a very addictive web-based desktop game has been trending so quietly on the Internet that the phenomenon sneaked past everybody. The release of Agar.io on iOS and Android last week proved so popular that it is now the most downloaded app on both the App Store and Google Play.
In Agar.io, the player controls a cell named after him with the objective of growing larger by eating smaller cells called Agar as well as other players. The player can split into two or eject some mass by pressing controls on the bottom right of the screen to cover more ground or move about more swiftly. You get to play with online players from all over the world, but watch out -- you could be eaten up within seconds if you are not careful. You need an active Internet connection to play this game.
Named after a substance found in the cells walls of certain algae, Agar.io is free for smartphones and can also be played on the desktop by going to http://agar.io. The game is so well liked that there is even a subreddit for it at www.reddit.com/r/Agario.


Musixmatch is a must have app for music lovers. It has the world’s largest lyrics catalogue that lets you enjoy diverse music with synced lyrics. It has been featured among the best apps of 2014 on Google Play. Now with the introduction of Apple Music, this app works wonderfully on iOS too.
To get it working on your iPhone swipe down from the top and go to the Today view in the Notification Centre. Scroll down and tap Edit. Add Musixmatch by clicking on the green plus sign next to it. Now whenever a song plays on Apple Music, just swipe down from the top and in the Today view you will find the lyrics perfectly matched with the track that is playing.
On the Android app you can search for the lyrics for any song you love and play the track from YouTube instantly. The MusicID feature on the app listens to a song and instantly fetches the lyrics for you. Musixmatch, in fact, is the app that supplies lyrics to such well-known sites such as A to Z Lyrics. 
While the site is great at finding the lyrics for most songs , the quality is not always great. But if you are the sort who listens to music on your phone all day, you may just fall in love with this one.


Have you ever had a long free weekend and found that most of your friends were busy? What do you do? Now there is a fast and better way to see who is available. 
Free is an app that makes going out with people you like fun, fast and easy. Free has three modes-- Going Out, Flexible, or Busy. You have to choose one of these and set it as your status. Your friends, who also have the app, can see your status. In addition you can specify your location, when you are free and who are you with. You also have the option of sharing your status with just a few friends and not just everybody.


Reddit AMA (ask me anything) is a unique and surprisingly little-noticed app that lets you read the latest celebrity interviews on Reddit. You can also send over questions that you would like to ask those celebrities. You can vote on questions other people present, and help decide whether those questions get asked to famous people who appear on Reddit from the world of film, sport, music, politics and more.
The app is free on both iOS and Android.


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