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Bhubaneswar, July 21: Artworks on Nabakalebar by renowned painters and sculptors of the state can now be viewed online on the state tourism department's site.

Many striking works created during at Darubrahma, a camp hosted by the department, are on display with details such as the artists' names and medium.

Anjan Sahu's Brahma's Five Symphony is based on panchabhut or the five elements of life. The elements are expressed through five colours during the creation of the new idols during Nabakalebar. The painting has thick textures, cloth pieces, and painted clay cups fixed on it, each showing one of the colours of the elements.

Chakradhara Behera's Shagadi depicts the rituals of banajaga yatra, the journey taken by sevayats of the Puri temple to find and the darus or sacred woods.

Dash Murmu and Tarakant Parida have also created artworks based on this subject.

D.N. Rao's Shavara Jagannath is replete with symbols from traditional tribal art and depicts the divine bond between Lord Jagannath and Krishna. Gajendra Kumar Padhi's Worshipping of the Sacred Tree is touching, as it shows how the darus have looked after the devotees since it was a sapling. The Great Spectacle by Somburu Savara is captivating with colours and shapes depicting again the banajaga yatra.

"This art exhibition will always be available for the art lovers and Lord Jagannath's devotees. This is one of the many initiatives taken by the state government to spread the spirit of Nabakalebar and its rituals and mythology," said tourism secretary Aravind Padhee.

The artworks are being shared on other social media sites on Odisha and Jagannath cult such as www.fullodisha.com and the Facebook page named Shri Jagannath Premi.

"We wish to inform that there are no issues of copyright and whoever wishes to share these is free to do so, since this is a step to make people aware of Nabakalebar," said Padhee.

Apart from Darubrahma, another collection of artworks on the grand event - Nilakandara - is also available online.

Besides, the state archives and the tourism department recently released Nabakalebara - An Archival Document, a book edited by Padhee. Priced at Rs 750 in print, the book can be downloaded for free from the tourism department's official website.


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