Baby girl under bus seat

The newborn girl at RIMS after being rescued on Sunday. Picture by Prashant Mitra

A newborn girl, packed in a polythene bag, was found abandoned on board an interstate private bus coming to Ranchi from Ramgarh on Sunday afternoon.

The baby, who doctors said was prematurely born, has been admitted to the neonatal wing of Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) in Bariatu and voluntary organisation Childline has taken up the onus to locate her parents.

According to Childline coordinator Sujit Goswami, four DAV Public School students who were travelling on the bus found the infant below one of the seats when they were about to get down near Booty More around 4pm.

"Since no one on board claimed the baby and no had seen anyone put her under the seat either, the bus driver and conductor handed her over to a police van at Booty More. She was taken to Bariatu thana and from there admitted to RIMS. The baby is pre-term and weighs only around 800gm," he said.

Goswami further said that doctors at RIMS said nurses would be available only for medical care and so, Childline had provided a caretaker who would stay in the hospital till the baby was advised discharge. "The child welfare committee may send her to Nirmal Hriday (a shelter for lost children)," he added.

Dr Amar Verma, associate professor of paediatrics at RIMS who is treating the newborn girl, said she was "extremely underweight" and thus needed "special care" at the neonatal wing for sometime.

One of the schoolboys who spotted the infant said they pulled the polythene packet thinking someone had left behind luggage. "We were shocked to find a newborn inside. We immediately asked the conductor to check with co-passengers, but no one claimed her. So, she was handed over to police. We accompanied her to RIMS and ensured she was under proper medical care," he said.

Asked if Childline would try to find the baby's parents, Goswami said, "Yes. Our next step will be to talk to the bus driver and enquire at nursing homes along Ranchi-Ramgarh road. Finding her parents is a difficult proposition, but we will do our best."


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