Dal men step up attack on BJP

spokespersons hit out at 'chariots of change'

(From left) JDU MLC Sanjay Singh and spokespersons Ajay Alok and Rajiv Ranjan Prasad address the news meet at the JDU office in Patna on Friday. Picture by Nagendra Kumar Singh

Five JDU spokespersons on Friday attacked Amit Shah and the BJP's Parivartan Rath campaign in the same vein as their leader Nitish Kumar did a couple of days ago.

Slamming the BJP's campaign, MLC and Dal spokesperson Sanjay Singh said: "What kind of parivartan (change) are they talking about? Do they want to close down schools and hospitals which Nitishji has given the state? We have even chosen our chief ministerial candidate, what about the BJP? Who is the bridegroom in the marriage, who will lead the party in the coming elections, who is the face? Kiran Bedi was made a scapegoat in the Delhi Assembly elections. Something similar would happen in Bihar now."

On Wednesday, chief minister Nitish Kumar had attacked the BJP on the same plank. He had claimed that party was interested in stopping the state's development.

The spokespersons' attack came a day after BJP national president Amit Shah flagged off 160 GPS-fitted Parivartan raths (chariots) from Gandhi Maidan.

Sanjay, who sat alongside fellow spokespersons Ajay Alok, Rajiv Ranjan Prasad, Niraj Kumar and Nihora Prasad at the news meet, also accused Shah of being embroiled in criminal cases and highlighted in the same breath, Nitish's drive to ensure rule of law and justice in the state.

He said 95,000 criminals have been sent behind bars through speedy trial ever since Nitish took over as chief minister.

The five leaders were speaking at the party office, which had been decked up with posters, banners and slogans in support of Nitish.

Niraj, another JDU MLC, accused the BJP party for playing caste card ahead of the Assembly polls.

"For the first time, it has happened that the Prime Minister is described with his caste. If that is the case, the BJP should at least announce which caste its chief ministerial candidate belongs to. If not the caste, then the community. It is very unfortunate that the party is deeply involved in caste politics and not development," Niraj hit back.

The spokespersons pressed the opponents for naming the NDA's chief ministerial candidate for the Assembly elections.

Ajay said: "The BJP stands exposed on this Parivartan Rath as it has already been done by our chief minister Nitish Kumar. The BJP claims that they are the biggest political party in the country but it is sad to see that they do not have any chief ministerial candidate and are just making Narendra Modi the face of the Assembly elections. It's been more than 13 months but the strong MP with the 56-inch chest has failed to deliver anything."

He also challenged Amit Shah's credentials and accused him of being involved in murder and theft cases.

Rajiv Ranjan said the BJP state unit has become defunct and that's the reason Modi's name was being projected for the Assembly elections.


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