Theme: View from the window. Through the lens of Urmimala Dasgupta

These are pictures taken from the bedroom window of our 13th floor flat.

Towards the end of 2012, we started looking for an apartment in New Town, around Unitech Building in which my husband’s office is located. As we were shown this flat the only thing that tempted me was the view, which seems to be the result of a perfect collaboration in art between God and man. 

A divine brush stroke has seemingly painted a beautiful stream right in the middle of the man-made concrete structures. Time flies as I stand by the window watching people fish on the bank of the waterbody, wash clothes or bathe. My eyes have even caught true “nature lovers” responding to nature’s call in the open!

Photo 2 shows the sky at dawn and a road heading towards Unitech. Picture 3 is the same road during the day.
The road in Photo 5, depicting the sunset, heads towards Aquatica. The same road at daytime is clicked in Photo 6.
The pictures are all clicked on my Samsung Mobile Grand Neo.

As I listen to my six-year-old son recite Tagore’s Amader chhoto nodi chole anke banke I realise how nature inspired the poet and how we continue to be blessed by its wonderful creations.

Urmimala Dasgupta
Greenfield Heights, New Town

If you are a photography enthusiast, train your lens on sights in Salt Lake or New Town and email to us at saltlakett@gmail.com. The chosen pictures will be printed here


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