Yoga riddle

June 23: Photographs that suggest railway minister Suresh Prabhu had to be woken up after executing an asana on Yoga Day in Kerala have gone viral.

The photograph shows a person nudging the minister. Since Prabhu was not available for comment, it was not clear whether the instructions were not audible to him because of which he continued to lie supine. It is also not clear whether he had any ailment that day.

The asana was the Shavasana. There is no specific duration for the asana, said a senior teacher trained at Bihar School of Yoga.

Congress MP Haibi Eden, who was with Prabhu, said: "A lady instructor was wearing a collar mike through which she conveyed the instructions. Couple of minutes into the Shavasana, she asked all to sit up. But the minister continued to be in Shavasana. Finally, one of the organisers nudged him to get up."

Some yoga practitioners in Kerala cautioned that hasty conclusions should not be reached and only the person who performed could confirm whether he had dozed off or not.


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