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Paul George Global School- Redefining Excellence in Education

After successfully establishing the prestigious St George’s School in Delhi,  Muthoot Institute of Technology and Science, Nursing School and Colleges in Kerala; the Muthoot Group, one of India’s leading business conglomerates, today announced that the new state-of-the-art educational institution in Delhi- ‘Paul George Global School’ (PGGS) will be ready for the Academic Session 2015.
Set up under the aegis of St. George's Education Society and being built in the memory of Late Shri Paul M George, former Executive Director (and son of Shri M.G. George Muthoot, Chairman, The Muthoot Group), the proposed  global school is aimed at being unique, exemplar and one of its kind in the country.
Located at Alaknanda in South Delhi over a 2.1 acre plot, the ‘Paul George Global School’ is being built by the internationally renowned architects Arcop Associates Private Limited (founded in Canada) and is presently in an advanced stage of construction. With St. George’s School, in its close vicinity, the PGGS is projected to be built as a centre of academic and extracurricular excellence. Realizing the need for contemporary education with a global perspective, PGGS aims at being a platform for quality education, and at nurturing professional development among its students, such that they become vibrant lifelong learners, independent thinkers and responsible citizens of the country.
The first impression of the school under construction is of it being modern, contemporary and trendy. Optimally utilizing available space, the architecture is eye catching and utilitarian. With four attractive pillars standing majestically at the entrance to the school epitomizing the four character qualities of Late Shri Paul M George viz., Courage, Compassion, Equality and Integrity, the ambience is at once serene and captivating.
PGGS will have world-class infrastructure and a Wi-Fi enabled campus that will be inspiring, eco- friendly and will give the students, including the differently abled an ideal environment for holistic learning. The school will also have an impressive array of academic and sporting facilities. The front part of the school will have an attractive sculptural form that will house the auditorium. It will also have a multipurpose facility of an indoor Basketball, Badminton and Table Tennis court with a provision for automated retractable seating and stage to host cultural programs, gatherings and stage performances. The front block on stilts will have the provision of an automatic temperature controlled shaded all weather swimming pool underneath and an 8-lane, 100 metres synthetic track running through the building. A skating rink along with a ‘Wimbledon type’ tennis court is also being constructed on the roof of the school building thereby, optimally utilizing available space. Interestingly this fully air conditioned building is being built to be totally barrier free. Moreover, the imaginatively constructed double basements will provide ample car parking space for the entire faculty of the school.
The academic blocks comprising 56 class rooms will be located around a quadrangle with a grand amphitheatre overlooking the playground space giving it a secure and nestled ambience. The outer walls of PGGS will have AAC Block (Air Aerated Concrete Blocks) which is energy efficient and environment friendly. Since the AAC blocks are produced by pollution free industries, conventional bricks would not be required. The inner partitions of the school building would be made up of dry wall partitions, without using the conventional bricks and water, thereby, saving energy and restricting utilisation of water during construction.
The central green play area would have a transparent solar Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) panel covering, for trapping solar energy for the electrical requirements of the building, which would also provide incidental shelter to the playing area below in adverse weather.
In addition, the school will also be equipped with 'Radiant Cooling', also known as Thermally Activated Building Systems (TABS) with a view to have eco-friendly efficient and effective utilization of energy for overall cooling of the premises. Unlike conventional cooling systems, which circulate cold air to maintain comfort, Radiant cooling systems typically use the circulation of cold water in pipes (imported from Germany) embedded in the slabs of the building. With this system the area would be cooled by radiant heat transfer from objects, occupants and equipment in a space to a cooled surface, as long as their temperatures are warmer than that of the cooled surface. Through convection, the air temperature will be lowered by the air coming in contact with the cooled surface. Space conditioning coolness is moved from chillers to concrete slabs using cold water as a medium. This produces impressive savings, since water has roughly 3,500 times the energy transport capacity than air. Moreover the systems would have attendant health benefits for the children as compared to regular air conditioning apart from reducing energy consumption by nearly 30% annually. Since only few institutions in India use this technology on account of prohibitive costs, it goes to the credit of the institution to have this installed for providing comfort to its students while also reducing the carbon footprint.

A Rainwater Charging System would also be operational in the school whereby rain water would be collected and drained through perforated pipes to areas underground to recharge water levels and prevent depletion of the ground water table. PGGS will also have an eco-friendly STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) to reduce the use of water by re-cycling the treated water for flushing and horticulture. All this is being done with the intention of developing an environmentally sustainable edifice.

While eventually coming up as a school with G+4 floors up to Class XII with a capacity of nearly 2000 students, PGGS will, in Phase One, initially commence from Nursery to Class II. Each class will have four sections with an ideal lower student teacher ratio, following the pedagogy in consonance with the student centered Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) curriculum set by the CBSE. There are also plans to include the International Baccalaureate curriculum in the subsequent phase. Admissions to the PGGS commence from December 2014 for the academic year 2015.
Speaking on the occasion Shri M.G. George Muthoot, Chairman, The Muthoot Group said: “The Muthoot Group is an organization that is committed to the betterment of our community and believes that education is a primary concern for our Nation. Our aim and purpose has always been to facilitate students to learn and imbibe along with their subjects of study, discipline, ethics, tradition and culture so as to bring out the students not only intellectually well equipped but also combined with a value system which will enable them to become socially committed citizens. The establishment of the PGGS is another step taken by the Muthoot Group towards attainment of its mission of spreading the cause of progressive and value based education. The school will be unique not only in terms of exquisite infrastructure but will also provide world class facilities for its students on its campus.”
Alexander George Muthoot, Director, Muthoot Group says: “We believe that children have a right to respectful environment. Through careful choice of colour, and use of natural light, we hope to not only build relationships between the indoor and outdoor learning spaces in the school, but also ensure our class rooms are aesthetic and functionally appealing. While I do acknowledge that the brick and mortar do not necessarily make an institution but since this houses the paraphernalia needed to keep the mind and body in the right frame, world class infrastructure incorporating state of the art technology is being provided for the students.”
Adds Dr Sara George, Vice Chairperson, Paul George Global School Committee: “Learning is a quest for Excellence- an art form, a faith. It teaches us to align with the very best – in both academic and non academic pursuits, to produce students with a well rounded personality. Since we believe that the teacher plays the most critical role in positively influencing the minds and personalities of the students, enabling them to discover their talents  and preparing them to succeed in any challenge they undertake, the school will ensure that only the best, committed and motivated faculty will be enrolled. More importantly we can assure the parents that the school will be responsible for the safety, growth and well being of their wards, especially the girl child student. In fact conscious and diligent efforts will be constantly made to bring about a synergy between parents, teachers and students to collaboratively enhance effectiveness of learning. The educational program of the primary school would be designed to offer students a challenging academic schedule in an age appropriate learning environment that would address the developmental needs and personal learning style while also experiencing leadership opportunity, appropriate to their age. It is through these carefully designed programs that the seed of lifelong learning would be sown.”
As Walt Disney said in a relevant context ‘the more you are like yourself, the less you are like anyone else. This is what makes you unique.’ This is the feeling which PGGS wants to inculcate among the students and the architecture of the school campus is a reflection of this ethos. PGGS is certainly a cynosure educational institution in the making.
About The Muthoot Group

The Muthoot Group’s business origins can be traced back to 1887 when it started as a small trading business enterprise in Kozhencherry, a remote village in the state of Kerala. Since its formation, the company, under the leadership of its key management - Shri M.G. George Muthoot (Chairman), Shri George Alexander Muthoot (Managing Director), Shri George Thomas Muthoot (Jt. Managing Director) and George Jacob Muthoot (Jt. Managing Director) has broadened its scale and widened its geographic scope of retail operations. Today, Muthoot Group is a multi-faceted business conglomerate that has been serving the nation for over 127 years. The formidable business empire comprises of 17 divisions including Financial Services, Plantations & Estates, Education, Leisure & Hospitality, Healthcare, Housing & Infrastructure, Infotech, Wealth Management, Money Transfer, Forex, Media, Power Generation, Precious Metals, Securities, Vehicle & Asset Finance, Travel Services, Muthoot Global, Muthoot Money and Home Finance.
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