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Rannvijay Singh Singha on style, Snapchat and Squadrann...

  • Published 17.08.16

Rannvijay Singh Singha loves Calcutta’s “party culture”. Sporting LED shoes, ripped jeans and black tee, Rannvijay was in town to party at Black lounge, the nightclub at Aauris on Robinson Street, recently. t2 met the TV heart-throb and chatted about his quirky style, the YouTube hit SquadRann (a fitness web series) and more.

Welcome back to Calcutta…

(Smiles) Last time we met at Novotel when I was here for a day event at Aquatica and this time, I am here for a night event. I love to come back to Calcutta. People love to party here. 

You always manage to look good. What’s the secret behind your standout style? 

(Pointing to his LED shoes) I got them from London (smiles). Basically, I am quite quirky when it comes to shoes and clothes. Today, I thought if I wear ripped jeans, I don’t want to do too much on top because it won’t make sense. You got to balance it out and carry it off. It’s not what fashion you follow, it’s about what you can carry, what suits your body and how confident you are. I love to experiment. There’s no hard-and-fast rule that I have to look a particular way. I am not in a job where I have to wear a particular uniform or wear formal trousers and shirts all the time. I am not bound by anything. My look in (MTV shows) Roadies and Splitsvilla are very different. 

You are a style inspiration for many youngsters...

Yeah! (Smiles) Everybody can’t have a personal stylist, but they can have a personal sense of style. There is a mobile application, IStyleYou (an online professional fashion styling and chat application) that I am looking forward to working with, where a person can get styled by a stylist thousands of miles away. It’s not just for the people who are in the limelight... everybody wants to look good today.  

Who’s your style inspiration? 

I had once, but not anymore. There was a point when I really liked Justin Timberlake for everything because he could dance, sing and act. He always dressed smartly. You actually can’t pinpoint my style because I kind of do it all. When I do SquadRann, I am in trackpants, shorts and hoodies. That’s a part of me. When I do Roadies, I try formals. In Splitsvilla, I keep it funky. I guess, after a point of time, what your wife says also influences you a lot (smiles). If she (Prianka) were around, I would rather wear something that she is happy with. 

SquadRann has become quite a rage among youngsters...

See, the main idea is to get people off their backside and become active. I always tell people to play sports or do some kind of activity. But then, some people don’t have the resources. In SquadRann (comprising Prince Narula, Harman Singha, Vicky Arora, Varun Sood, Dishank Arora, Archis Patil, Gurmeet Singh Rehal and Jay Bodas), we don’t indulge in expensive things... it involves doing  physical activities at home. When we were kids, we didn’t have the excuse to not play. Being active is a chore for many people, so we wanted to add a fun element to workouts. For instance, we take part in darts or a frisbee-throwing competition. The idea is to shed some sweat here and there. Now, people have started loving it. So far, we have made 10 to 12 videos, but we will soon do more. We want to do SquadRann live shows in colleges, shopping malls and amusement parks. 

What do you do to keep fit? 

I play basketball. I just signed up with United Basketball Alliance, a professional basketball league. 

Your SquadRann boys — Varun Sood and Gurmeet Singh Rehal (both RoadiesX2 contestants) — have become favourites on Splitsvilla 9...

Both are really good. All the girls like them. Varun’s Instagram followers are increasing every day. Others tried to corner these two boys and get them out of the show, but… (smiles). Varun is somebody who didn’t know what do to when he came on Roadies X2. And now he is doing so well! 

Now that you have hosted Splitsvilla for three seasons, can you imagine yourself as a contestant on the show?  

I don’t think I could imagine myself as a contestant on Splitsvilla even when I started out so many years ago! But I can be a contestant on Roadies again (Rannvijay won the first season of Roadies in 2003).

You were spotted cheering for friend Vijender Singh at his WBO Asia Pacific bout recently...

Yes, I lost my voice that day! I had gone for a lot of fights before but that day these guys (Vijender and Kerry Hope) went on for 10 rounds. He was there till the end. On the ringside, Raghu (Ram), Rajeev (Lakshman) and I were full at it. It was amazing! We had a great time. 

Being active is a chore for many people, so we wanted to add a fun element to workouts. For instance, we take part in darts or a frisbee-throwing competition. The idea is to shed some sweat here and there — on SquadRann, his fitness web series

You also went to Wimbledon for the first time. What was that like?

I watched several matches, including a Leander Paes-Martina Hingis match. I got the match ball from Leander later! I also enjoyed watching a Martina Hingis-Sania Mirza match. It was an amazing experience. You got to see all these things in life... it’s just one life! If you don’t watch an IPL match live, you will miss out on life. Wimbledon or Lord’s or NBA or NFL or Olympics…we should grab the opportunity. I also went to Beyonce’s concert at Wembley (Stadium). I never like to go to a place, eat and come back. That’s not a holiday! I want to experience and see around.

The first time I was in Calcutta, I went for a boat ride, saw both the bridges (Howrah Bridge and Vidyasagar Setu), went to see the Victoria Memorial, and I have been on a tram while I was here for the Roadies 2 auditions. I also had the famous phuchkas and chicken rolls. I have come here once during Durga Puja because that is something I won’t get to see anywhere else. 

Ratnalekha Mazumdar
Rannvijay is my hero because.... Tell 


From clicking selfies to signing autographs, Rannvijay did it all to keep his fans screaming 
Rannvijay with the organisers Raghav Sharma of N2 Entertainments and Sheikh Rezwan Rabbani (right) of iYouth Events. “We invited Rannvijay to be a part of a special Thursday because it’s a girl’s night and women love him!” said Sheikh. 
Anjali Verma had dropped in at Black lounge “only to see Rannvijay”. “ I love his dressing sense and his body!” gushed the Sarat Bose Road resident. 
The big draw on the nightclub floor? Rannvijay’s LED shoes!