Woman death sparks unrest

Behala: A deaf and mute woman was found dead in her three-storey Behala home on Tuesday, following which her neighbours thrashed her sister holding her responsible for the death.

Kakoli Das, 46, fell unconscious around 4pm, her mother Bina Das said in her statement to police. Their family doctor declared her dead around 5pm, she said.

As news of her death spread, their neighbours crowded outside their house shouting she had died of her sister Keya Mandal's torture.

Some dragged Mandal out of the house by the hair, calling her "murderer".

No case has been started in the absence of a specific complaint, an officer of Behala police station said.

Kakoli, deaf and mute by birth, lived with her mother at their 28 Brojen Mukherjee Road home. A few years ago, her sister, who is married, returned with her family to live in the house, the police said.

"It's no secret how she thrashed her sister and mother. Often, she would deny Kakoli food," their next-door neighbour said. "No wonder she has killed her sister for property. She and her husband should be punished."

Investigations showed Kakoli was under their family doctor's treatment for some mental ailment. "He termed cardio respiratory failure in the death certificate. There were no visible signs of any external injury," the officer said.


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