Two flights diverted in air rush

Dum Dum: Two flights that were to land in Calcutta had to be diverted on Monday because of air congestion, the same situation that airport officials said had kept chief minister Mamata Banerjee's flight hovering for 19 minutes last Friday.

IndiGo's flight from Patna, scheduled to land at 2.40 pm, was diverted to Bhubaneswar. The airline's flight from Bangalore that was supposed to land at 2.50 pm was diverted to Patna, said airport officials. Both the flights had hovered over Calcutta's sky for about 30 minutes, they said.

There was a queue of nearly 20 flights waiting for their turn to land.

The congestion was caused by the main runway being closed for maintenance. Planes then took off and landed on the secondary runway.


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