Together we can... 

Some looked excited, some were a tad shy. Girls from Shanti Rani Rainbow Home in Tollygunge attended a fest hosted by La Martiniere for Boys on Friday.

The Niche Club of the school invited 14 NGOs from the city and organised games and cultural programmes for them in a fundraiser event, Crucible of Dreams. "We do not organise this fest to hand over material gifts but to engage them and organise competitive events for them.

In one particular event, the La Martiniere students will team up with the NGO students. The boys will market handicraft products made by the students of NGOs," said Class XII student Vidush Sinha, deputy secretary of the club. Principal John Rafi said such events remind the boys of their commitment to humanity. "To our guests today, it is not only a platform to showcase your talent but it will help you build your self-confidence," said Rafi. Picture by Ankit Datta


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