Techie robbed in Salt Lake

Salt Lake: A man snatched a 33-year-old woman's purse outside a Salt Lake park on Saturday evening, barely a kilometre away from the Salt Lake stadium, where special security arrangements have been made for the FIFA U-17 World Cup.

No was arrested till late on Sunday.

The victim, who works in a multinational IT firm, was attacked while she was walking home along a path that winds around an HB block park around 7.30pm.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, was returning after buying vegetables from a nearby market when a hand first grabbed her arm and then her waist.

"The streetlights around the park were not working and it was dark. I felt a strong pull on my arm and waist. I instinctively dropped the bag in which I was carrying vegetables," the techie said.

As she spun around to see who had grabbed her, the man lunged at her again, snatched her purse and pushed her to the ground.

The woman cried out for help but none came to her aid.

Houses surround the park and according to her, several people were out on the streets lighting fireworks.

"I kept shouting and even chased the man but he was too fast and darted across the park into another lane that was dark as well. In his haste he had left behind his sandals. I was left shaken and my arm got bruised," the woman said.

She later lodged a complaint with Bidhannagar South police station.

On Sunday, Metro found the park in a shabby state with overgrown shrubs and trees and untrimmed grass.

An officer said they had got leads in the case. "We hope to make an arrest soon," he said.


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