Teacher gets Partha stick

Naktala: Education minister Partha Chatterjee on Wednesday said the teacher who has accused a Trinamul student union leader of assaulting him was trying to give it a "political colour".

The minister advised Calcutta University chemical engineering teacher Bhaskar Chandra Das over the phone against speaking with the media since the syndicate would meet on Thursday.

"He is trying to give the matter a political colour. You (Das) are saying the accused student is a Trinamul student leader. If a student leader commits an offence, why would you use the platform of another political party in the name of protest," Chatterjee said while speaking to ABP Ananda.

"I called up the teacher to suggest he should speak to the authorities concerned. If I advise the university to take suitable action against the student leader, we must also ponder if it is proper of a teacher to use a political platform.... Why is he speaking to the media day in and day out even before the investigation is over."

On February 6, Gourab Dutta Mustafi, along with some TMCP supporters, apparently barged into Das's room on the Rajabazar campus and demanded to know why BTech students of chemical engineering had got poor marks in their fifth and sixth semester exams.

There was an argument during which he apparently rushed towards Das and banged his table and computer before slapping him.

Chatterjee on Wednesday said he would have to look into the conduct of both Das and Mustafi. "On the one hand he is giving interviews to the media, on the other he is seeking justice from the university and police. Is this right?"

Das told Metro that he had briefed Chatterjee on the assault. The minister wanted to meet him at his Naktala home on Thursday, Das said.

"But I told him I would have to attend the (Left-backed) Calcutta University Teachers' Association protest meet on the Rajabazar Science College campus on Thursday. He has agreed to meet me another day," Das said.

Das said Chatterjee had advised him against speaking to anyone since the syndicate would meet on Thursday. "But I told him what is the harm in saying what has happened to me."

Sankhayan Choudhury, a computer science teacher, said it seemed Chatterjee interpreted his presence at the Cuta protest meet as an attempt to play politics.

"But this is wrong. What has happened is reprehensible and he has every right to attend the protest rally and speak his mind."


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