Teacher catches biker after hit-and-run

Harish Mukherjee Road: A schoolteacher felled by a motorbike in a hit-and-run on Thursday night ran after and caught one of the men when the two-wheeler crashed into a wall.

Another pedestrian who was hit by the same motorbike suffered multiple fractures.

"I look both left and right while crossing. There were no vehicles and so I started to cross the road. Then I saw a bike coming at me at high speed. It was already so close that I froze. The bike brushed my back and I fell on the road," recalled 35-year-old Rekha Singh, who teaches Hindi at Julien Day School and is also a social activist.

She recovered quickly enough to get up and go after the three men on the motorbike, which had by then hit a wall and stopped. None of the men was wearing a helmet, she said.

"With all my courage, I ran and grabbed one of them by his wrist and held on while calling out to others on the road to help me," Singh said.

A car passing by stopped to help the other injured pedestrian. The motorist also dialled 100 to alert the police. A team from Kalighat police station arrived soon after and arrested the man Singh had caught. "He had been threatening me all the while," she said.


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